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Thriving In A Complex World

Become a musician through professional lessons


Section 1: Activities to Increase Positivity


Activity 3: Developing High-Quality Connections

Key Messages:

  1. You can choose any of the four elements to improve a relationship.

  2. If you are working on being present, then be present for your time. State the time, and don’t let distractions like your phone or people walking by take your attention. Focus on the person.

  3. If you choose to support someone, you can do it in many ways. Show up at an event, call them and wish them luck on a presentation. Send them a note, and if it is financial, make sure it also comes with a message to explain why you are interested in supporting them.

  4. If you choose to trust, remember to tell someone you trust them and let that sink in for a bit. The person may wonder why you are telling them, but once they process it, it will positively change the relationship if you can explain trust. Give examples and thank them.

  5. Remember, if you choose to play, there is time for play, and sometimes play is not the time. Choose when you both have time to play. For example, if someone has a test or appointment, it may not be the best time to play.

  6. These little nuances make a big difference in building a relationship.

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