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Daniel Race

Role: Junior Achievement Lead

Daniel Race is currently a student at Dalhousie University, enrolled in the Corporate Residency MBA Program. His previous academic experience includes a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, including specific interest in social cognition and learning and conditioning. Other academic experience includes a Business Management diploma from NSCC (Ivany) where he had the opportunity to lead a team of students to develop an integrated marketing strategy for a local non-profit. Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Daniel has always enjoyed running, sailing, cycling, and any way that he can find his way to a beach. His career goal is to work in a dynamic and social environment where he can combine his skills and interests to facilitate an inclusive workplace while creating meaningful impact in the surrounding community. Daniel is passionate about developing resiliency as he believes that it's an important attribute to have as an effective leader in your community and as a foundation for a lifetime of fulfillment.


Haley Julien

My name is Haley Julien and I am tasked as a co-lead for developing SSHRC research. I am a 4th year Dalhousie University student in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in law, society and justice with a minor in Indigenous studies. I am from Millbrook, Nova Scotia. Both growing up and currently I have danced traditionally as a fancy shawl dancer for the past 10 years. I have had the honor of Head Dancing and coordinating multiple powwows in Mi'kma'ki. I have grown up practicing traditions such as sweat lodges and ceremonies, being able to learning from Mi'kma'ki elders. For the past two summers I have worked for Toronto Dominion as a part of their Indigenous Internship opportunities. I have plans on furthering my education with a Law degree from Dalhousie University. I have a deep passion for Indigenous resiliency. My goal is to become educated to fully assist in defending Indigenous rights in Mi’kma’ki. Growing up on reserve, I have experienced the effects firsthand of trauma and inequalities so it means a lot to me that I can be a good role model for youth, as well as make a difference in coordinating research contributing to youth well-being.

Role: Indigenous Resiliency Program Leader


Giuseppe Liuzzo

Role: Digital & Marketing Lead

Giuseppe Liuzzo was born and raised in Munich Germany but is originally from Italy. Speaking fluent English, Italian, German and Spanish, he conducted interviews in these various languages with many participants across western Europe. He is currently finished his last semester at Munich Business School and majoring in international business. He has a large interest in psychological evaluations in business and negotiation determinants. These interests in compromise and the psychology of the brain can be transferred to his love for sport. Spending a lot of time as a teenager taking on tennis students as a volunteer, understanding the importance of inclusion and acceptance in sport from a young age. Being once a follower himself, as well as a leader to the youth and understand the large impact that positive leadership can have on the development of youth in sport. He also has a background in website development, graphic design and marketing which he used to develop and work on the Contagious Resilient Leadership research program and website.

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Clayton Bell

Role: Indigenous Resiliency Program Coordinator

Clayton is graduate of the University of Alberta and an MBA candidate at Dalhousie University. Throughout his academic pursuits Clayton has explored Biology and Psychology at the undergraduate level, Cancer Science and medicine as a Master of Science student, and Business and Leadership, as an MBA student. During his academic pursuits he has had many great mentors that have facilitated his learning and personal growth, lessons he seeks to pass onto others. Having spent the past 8 years coaching youth Lacrosse and previously mentored for Big Brothers Big Sisters Edmonton, Clayton has sought to impact the lives of youth through sport and mentorship. Clayton continues to assist youth in building resiliency and grow into more compassionate and capable young adults by supporting this research. 


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