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Thriving In A Complex World

Become a musician through professional lessons


Module 1 - Introduction To Resiliency



One of the challenges in the workforce is intergenerational differences. In this video, Dr. Heidi Weigand and mentee Kanaar Bell discuss motivating GenZ to be responsible leaders using four C's: control, connection, contagion and consciousness.


This video encourages anyone struggling with a situation in their personal or professional life to reflect on their progress using a continuum. At one end, we have thriving, and the other end of the continuum is languishing. You can be at any point on the continuum as a starting point for that day or moment. The key is to find strategies to help you move forward towards thriving or reduce the speed you may be moving towards languishing. The video helps develop an awareness of how to use these 4 Cs.


The first stage is to gain tiny bits of control in our day, to shift our current state towards thriving. In the second stage, you begin to grow your support network using connection by engaging with support networks (e.g. community, friends, family). The third stage is contagion. That word is all too familiar during the COVID-19; however, we use it to demonstrate that our emotions and actions can impact people around us positively or negatively. Likely you have experienced a toxic person in the workplace, but can you remember a person who lifted your spirits when you were around them? The contagious resilient leadership workshop provides insights into increasing the positive and decreasing the negative emotions. The result is that you can positively influence others around you. That brings us to the final stage or the fourth C consciousness. At this point, you can consciously choose how you will affect others. Will you choose to be negative or positive? Working on a daily practice to increase the positive emotions and reduce the time we spend in the negative creates an opportunity to cultivate resilience in others.


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