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Part 3: Reducing the Impact of Negative Emotions

Develop a Toxic Media Diet
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Notice your intake of negative media and look for opportunities to reduce it. Look for ways to reduce the amount of toxicity you take daily. Even small decreases will have a significant impact.

  • What type of media? (e.g., social media, the news, a Netflix binge) All can be helpful, but all can also be toxic. 

  • What time of day? (e.g., first thing in the morning or late at night)

  • How long are you engaged? (e.g., 5 mins or 3 hours)

  • Can you purge some toxic media (e.g., limit someone's feed in your social media post or unfriend toxic people)?

Develop a Toxic Media Diet
  • 60-second distractions help you shift your mood from a negative one to a positive mindset. It's essential to have one tool you can use in a meeting or a classroom when you don't have the opportunity to remove yourself from the situation. Box Breathing is a great example

  • Other examples to help include listening to music, walking a dog, a yoga pose, a funny video, and texting a friend.


Brainstorm a list of possible distractions to help you. Here is a quick video to walk you through the Box breathing technique to add to your list.

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