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Next Topic: Living in My Skin: Experience of Black Youth With Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia

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Next Topic: Update COVID-19 for Nova Scotians: Tuesday April 7, 2020

Please watch the section from minutes 3:45 - 7:15. 

We cannot ignore the fact that people experience COVID differently, because of their race and because of where they lived. You'll hear some of those stories during this workshop and it speaks to the resiliency of diverse populations as they moved and continue to move through COVID unknowingly.

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 7.46.40 PM.png

We talked about vaccine hesitancy previously and why there were sometimes challenges for diverse communities. In this case, people of African descent, to get vaccines, we talked about the different testing that was done on people of African descent that contributed to the hesitancy in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This all leading to mistrust in our healthcare systems. 

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