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Workshop 2 Part 1: Understanding Resiliency in other Contexts

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Many students who are coming from diverse backgrounds, from our public school system to our post secondary education system don't see themselves reflected in the curriculum, as Afomia spoke to not learning how to work on darker skin as a darker skinned student made it difficult for her to navigate her lessons. 

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As health care providers we need to be aware of how imposter syndrome can be present in those we are training and those we work around, it can be isolating for an individual to be the only person who looks as they do or identify as they do. 

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What effect does a lack of diversity have on our quality of service? Are we developing groupthink and not open to new ideas, lessons or practices to better serve those coming to us for medical care?

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To gain the benefits from diversity, we must acknowledge the importance that support, mentorship and representation can contribute to increased enrollment and comfort of diverse people in or pursuing health professions.

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