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Workshop 4 Part 3 : What role can you play and what can we do better?

Ally should be an action, not a noun. It is important to consider how you define an ally. For example, just because a person is a strong supporter of fighting against

racism or discrimination does not mean they are an ally. It is one thing to

verbalize support, but action is really what identifies individuals who are true

allies. Action can be as simple as listening, not becoming defensive and taking

in new information to develop your views and mould your allyship. Allies

educate themselves constantly, and they don't expect someone from a diverse background to do the educating.

These are some great actionable items we can think about as we navigate our professions. Now that we have more information about experience in race and discrimination, what can we do differently to make our places more welcoming and inclusive to the communities we're in and the patients we serve?

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