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Contagious Resilient Leadership Workshop Series

Sponsored by the HealthCare Human Resource Sector Council.


Module 1

The first module will be an introduction of what contagious resilient leadership is and will discuss learning to live with positive and negative emotions, introducing the Broaden and Build Framework (Fredrickson, 2001), cultivating the relationship with your primary followers in your sphere of influence, and recognizing our triggers that lead to poor relationships.

Module 2

This module will introduce tools that can be used to manage positive emotions such ascreating high quality connections, different forms of relaxation and breathing work (meditation,yoga etc.), exercise and using a two-eyed seeing lens: Etuaptmumk (Bartlett, Marshall &Marshall, 2012).

Module 3

Module 4

This module will be about learning how to decrease negative emotions by becoming more open to social connections and ideas, building relationships and impacting others around you, disputing negative thinking and being aware of a toxic media diet.

The last module will talk about embracing change by putting tools learned intopractice, creating habits that embrace emotional intelligence, understanding how GRIT relates toperformance and cultivating a growth mindset.

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