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Thriving In A Complex World

Become a musician through professional lessons


Section 1: Blame, Empathy and Sympathy




In this video, Brené Brown inspires us to understand the role of blame. Many of us resort to playing “the blame game” after something unfavourable happens, and our immediate response is to figure out whose fault it is. However, research has shown that blame is inversely related to accountability, and when we blame others, we miss opportunities for empathy.


Video 2: When someone comes to us with a problem, often our response is to try to find a silver lining. In this video, Brené Brown discusses the difference between empathy and sympathy. Empathy is an essential quality for leaders to possess as it fuels connection and allows you to understand the feelings and thoughts of others around you.



In this article, Daniel Goleman discusses the three types of empathy: emotional, cognitive, and compassionate and how to express each of them.

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