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Reducing Burnout in Self and Others

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Praise is one of the core elements that can reduce burnout in our interactions with others. However, there are more places we can positively influence burnout levels. An authentic thank you that includes what you are thankful for and why can go a long way in creating value in the relationship. 


An example of thanking a young child eager to help at home. Thank you, Freya, I am so grateful for your help in cleaning the tables after dinner. Your help made my day much easier, and I appreciate the effort you took to help me.


An example of thanking someone in the office. Thank you, Paul, for your work on analyzing the performance marketing campaign was exceptionally helpful. We were able to gain new insights into the marketing campaigns we hadn't tapped into before.


Other areas of connection with people that influence levels of burnout are complimenting, helping, and supporting. There are endless opportunities to engage with others mindfully to create better outcomes that are mutually beneficial.

Reflecting on Diversity and Inclusion
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Contagious Resilient Leadership is ever present in Diversity and Inclusion spaces and practices. Therefore, it is important to reflect on how to move from inviting someone to the party and the next step of making their contribution count – inclusion. 

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