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Below are the six modules that encompass the course. Each module will teach different techniques and exercises for you to try.


Module 1

This Module will serve as an introduction to what it means to be resilient, how to be resilient, and why one should be resilient

Module 2

This Module will focus on gratitude. Focusing on how to be grateful, and why you should be grateful and some exercises to practice.

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 3 will look into purposeful praise. Explaining the difference between good and bad praise and how to distinguish the two.

Module 4 will look into how to change self-talk. Specifically how to overcome negative thoughts.

Module 5 will share the powerful impact 60-second distractions can have in your life.

Module 6 looks upon a breathing technique called box breathing and how you can use it to your advantage

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